To: The next generation foundation 501(c)(3)

Helping youth become the leaders of tomorrow through access to sports & extracurriculars

To: The Next Generation Foundation is dedicated towards providing financial support for adolescents who can’t afford extracurricular sports or activities.

The Vision & Mission:

Our purpose is to provide our less fortunate youth the financial aid to be able to have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular sports or activities. Helping our youth experience enjoyment through acceleration, unity through teamwork, accomplishment through progression. 

  1. We believe that money should never be the reason to hold any of our youth back from participating in extracurricular sports or activities. that they have interest in.
  2. We participate in teaming up with other organizations, leaders, athletes and businesses who are committed to the same worthy cause and purpose. 
  3. To: The Next Generation Foundation is dedicated to giving them the experiences of a lifetime through extracurricular sports or activities, so they can carry those experiences into adulthood to transform the World.   
Kid hitting baseball

The problem today is that a lot of people are unaware of how many kids go without participating in extracurricular sports or activities, because their families don’t have the resources to get them involved. According to The National Alliance for Youth Sports, 70% of kids will drop out of sports by age 13 because of the lack of money, enjoyment, and overall competitiveness. 

Our foundation believes that the youth who participate in sports and extracurricular activities grow up to be better members of society, handle adversity, develop stronger team skills, and become better leaders in the World.

Some of the most valuable lessons of life are learned through the participation of extracurricular sports or activities.

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